Little known fact: I used to run track in high school. It was the only sport offered that didn’t have tryouts, and I thought it would look good on my transcript or something. I was really bad at it. I mostly ran sprints, slowly. I felt like I was going to die, even at that distance.

In my junior year, I sprained my ankle badly during practice, and it’s never been right ever since. I used to sprain that ankle every other year, and it got to the point where being hobbled would depress me. I fell badly on my other ankle during martial arts practice a few years ago. After weeks of physical therapy, I used prescription ankle braces whenever I practiced. But I always felt unstable on my feet.

I quit running and martial arts. I took up bicycling. I discovered that I’m no faster a bicyclist than a runner, but I had fun biking.
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October 2014 Stats

For the month of October, I biked 165.21 miles in 23 days. This includes the Great Pumpkin Ride. I only rode to work once this month, and will likely do that again this month. So it goes.

My new experiment: I’ve started running. I’m training for a 5K on Thanksgiving. More details in the next post.

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Great Pumpkin Ride 2014

Rootchopper and Little Nellie in a photogenic fall moment.
Last year, Rootchopper wrote about the Great Pumpkin Ride, which enticed me. I put it on my list of rides to do, and I was lucky to have the time free to do it this year.
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September 2014 Stats

For the month of September, I biked 207.07 miles in 20 days. This includes the Schuylkill and the 13 Colonies rides.

I have two rides scheduled for October. I am also going to start another experiment, which I’ll share in November.

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13 Colonies Ride

Pennsylvania Ave. SE

I kept looking at the weather forecast for Saturday. Rain. Definitely rain. Ugh. I rode last year’s 50 States ride in the pouring rain, and I was not thrilled to be doing it again this year. I opted to do the shorter ride, called the 13 Colonies, so that I could minimize my time in the rain.
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Scenic Schuylkill Century 2014

Rowers on the Schuylkill.

Three years ago, I had signed up for this ride, but a tropical storm canceled it. Schedule conflicts kept me from registering, until this year, when I finally decided to do the ride and not worry about the bazillion other things going on that same weekend.

The Scenic Schuylkill (pronounced like Skoo-kl) Century is an annual ride, organized by the Bicycle Club of Philadelphia. Although I had started riding as an adult in Philly, I had never done an organized ride in the city, much less be a part of a bicycle club. I had always ridden by myself. My friend Steve L, an avid bicyclist, had been trying to get me to do one of the BCP rides, but by the time I had gotten my act together to do that, I moved to DC. So, it’s been a dream of mine to ride the Schuylkill Century.
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August 2014 Stats

For the month of August, I rode 114.15 miles in 18 days.  I took a week off for a vacation in Alaska. R prefers hiking vacations to biking vacations, so we did a lot of hiking, which included over 3000 feet of climbing. I don’t think my legs ever felt that sore on a bicycle. But it was worth it for the incredible views.

I have two organized rides coming up this month, within a week of each other. Am I training for these? Surely you jest. Maybe someday I’ll schedule some training in for a ride.

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