A Few Thoughts on Freezing Saddles 2015

bike in snow
Freezing Saddles is a friendly competition by the Washington Area Bike Forum (aka Bike Arlington Forum). Basically, you bike from January 1st to the last day of winter (March 19). You gain points for every day and every mile you ride. You are assigned a team, and the team and individual with the most points win. Other prizes are given for side-bets and for any kind of dubious honor one can think up, such as the longest ride, or the lowest average miles.

It’s a fun way to encourage people to keep riding throughout the winter. It’s also an opportunity for statistics geeks to go nuts and parse the data in every which way possible. So, with that in mind, let me present a few pointless stats of my own.
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February 2015 Stats

For the month of February, I biked 59.82 miles in 11 days. February remains the month when I bike the least because of the weather and my work schedule.

Still going through Freezing Saddles. Haven’t decided if I’ll do the Errandonnee this year. Kind of getting tired of biking in the cold.

January 2015 Stats

For the month of January, I biked 126.57 miles in 23 days. I also ran 2.6 miles.

I’ve been sick the past few days, so I haven’t done much riding. Some thoughts about Freezing Saddles in my next post, when I feel better.

End-of-the-Year Totals for 2014

For the month of December, I biked 88.66 miles in 19 days. I also ran 8.2 miles. I ran 55.3 miles in 26 days this year, which still boggles my mind.

For 2014, I biked 1855.88 miles over 217 days. On average, I biked 18 days a month. The month when I rode the most days was April with 23 days. The month I rode the most miles was July, with 230.47 miles.

(For the record, I previously miscalculated the number of days in certain months because SportTracks counts number of rides instead of number of days. I’ve made corrections to the relevant posts.)

Aside from the rides listed in my last post, I also rode the Errandonnee and the tail end of Soupaneuring rides, a pastry ride, the Vasa Ride, the Ocean to Bay Ride, my first (hopefully not my last) Tour de DCPL, a hot dog century, and the 13 Colonies Ride.

My riding kind of shifted this year. I moved away from randonneuring and more towards commuting and social rides. Part of this was because of having limited time due to finishing up classes for my certificate, and part of this was the realization that I’m just not dedicated enough to spending the time becoming physically fit for brevets. I enjoy riding and taking my time.* Pretty lame, but there it is.

This winter, I’m participating in Freezing Saddles for the first time this year, just for fun. I’m going to be riding through the winter anyway, so why not share some camaraderie with fellow crazy folks? I’m also going to continue to run once or twice a week for as long as I can.

I hope you all have a great year in 2015. See you on the road.

*and eating

Goals for 2015

I like to try more rides that are new to me, just for variety. Here are the ones I’d like to do for next year. Yes, most of them are from last year’s list.

Indian Head Century
Monument to Monument Ride– I should clarify that I would like to do the reverse ride from DC to Baltimore and back. If anyone’s interested in joining me, please let me know.
Climate Ride– for multi-day rides for 2015, I think I’d choose this over RAGBRAI, because it’s for a cause I want to support.
Cyclocross– I’d still really like to watch this sometime.
At least one permanent– although at this point, I want to do a permanent populaire, and preferably one in the 100K range. I have a couple of routes that are close to where I live, and these are the ones I’d like to do. If any of your local randonneurs would like to join me, let me know.

I do have a couple of modest goals for running as well: run at least one 5K, and possibly train for a 10K later on in the year.

Are there any rides you’d like to suggest? Comment below!