Small Business Saturday: Support Your Local Bicycle Store

I’m a little wary of a movement that has been started by a credit card company, but I have to admit I like the idea. It’s no secret that local businesses are valuable to a community, and we should patronize them whenever possible. Nowhere is this truer than the local bike shop.

The bike shop I go to just opened less than a year ago. The guy runs the place mostly by himself, which occasional help from younger folk. He’s down to earth and an all-around good guy. I’ve brought both my bikes in for minor repairs and maintenance, and he’s not only very thorough in his work, but takes the time to explain what he’s done and what I should do to keep my bikes in good shape. I like that.

This morning, I took the road bike in to get my brakes adjusted. He not only adjusted my brakes, he did a little work with the gear shift cables as well– and all for a reasonable price.

I think it’s important to establish trust in and develop a good working relationship with bike repair people, since they will come to know your bike and your riding habits well, and thus be able to do what is necessary for you to have smooth, worry-free rides. As long as I live in this area, I will return to this shop again and again. I am happy to support my local bicycle store.