Three-Season Rider

Yeah, that’s me. Where I am, it’s in the 30s (Fahrenheit), and that’s my cue to take a break from riding outdoors. Some folks will scoff and call me weak; I can understand their opinions. Perhaps someday, I will buy the gear necessary to ride when temperatures are freezing– it may make me feel better to keep moving. However, I will maintain that I do not want to ride in snow or ice, and I do not want to ride when it’s below freezing.

What I like to do in the winter is to do yoga– something about the dark months reminds me to slow down, stretch, be more contemplative. Besides, I need to work on strengthening my core.

I apologize in advance for the scarcity of posts, especially since I’ve just started the blog. I will check in occasionally, however, and will ramp up once the weather gets warmer.