Goals for the New Year

Inspired by Sean, I figured I should kick off the new year with some statistics and some goals.

Last year, according to my training log, I biked 927.8 miles from April to November. Most of those miles were commuting miles, and I did two century rides and some long weekend rides as well.

My goals this year are modest, but attainable.

1. Resume biking in March, and continue through to December, or when the first snowfall sticks, whichever comes later. Under normal circumstances, we don’t get a lot of snow in this area, so I could conceivably bike much of the winter. I’m a chicken about snow and ice– I know I can get studded tires, but I’m not into it right now. The main thing that is keeping me from biking now is a lack of winter-appropriate clothing, and a hectic schedule for the next two months that will cause me to be out of town for several days. I will address the former, but leave the latter as is.

2. Bike 1000 miles this year. I think this can be achieved.

3. Participate in more group rides. I only just got started with this at the end of last year, and I’d like to do it in earnest this year, if for no other reason than the camaraderie.

4. Do at least two century rides and a 200 km brevet. Last year, I did the centuries on a hybrid, which damn near killed me. I’m hoping that these long distances will feel better on my new road bike.

I have other things I’d like to do with the bikes, but this is a good start.


2 thoughts on “Goals for the New Year

  1. Love this! I am sure you can do 1,000 miles on the bike with no problem. Have you considered getting a trainer to be able to ride during the winter?

  2. Hey Sean–

    I’ve considered getting a trainer, but 1) I don’t really have the room right now for one, and 2) I’d rather be outdoors when I bike.

    I think that once I have warmer clothing for biking, I should be able to bike outdoors more. The only other consideration, for me, is visibility. It’s dark in the mornings and evenings if I commute to work. I think I’ve also found a work-around for that, which, if I can get around to it, I’ll try to do next month.

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