A Capital Commute

I said I would start biking again in March, and I have. I sold my commuting bike, so I subscribed to Capital Bikeshare and am commuting to work on their bikes until I can get a bike of my own.

What I like about the bikes are that they have a front basket with a bungee cord, so I can take my backpack off my back and onto the bike. There are front and tail lights are built in, which helps with being visible. And here’s my nerdiness kicking in: I can log in to my account online, and see what trips I took on the bike, and how long it took me to get from one station to another– and knowing how many miles my commute is, I can compute my speed. So far, I’ve taken six trips on the CaBi bikes, and am averaging about 8 mph.

It’s slow for me, admittedly. I was used to going 10 mph on my hybrid (which I know isn’t really fast either). CaBi bikes are heavier than my bike, with only 3 speeds, and I find I sometimes outrun the top gear. But it’s been a workout, and I need to get used to riding again. I’ve already noticed an improvement in speed after riding six times, so I’m feeling pretty good.

New stations are springing up like gangbusters, so it’s possible to pick up a bike practically anywhere in the city. I recommend trying Capital Bikeshare out, if you want to get around DC on its many bike lanes.


2 thoughts on “A Capital Commute

  1. Cool, I didn’t know you blogged. I do too, check out amodestlife.wordpress.com Have fun riding. Minneapolis/St. Paul also has this renting system. Very cool! I am thinking of buying a folding bike. Any thoughts on that?


  2. Hi Salim! Nice to see your blog.

    I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a folding bike for a long time. I like the idea of being able to fold it up, carry it into a train, then unfold it and bike the rest of the way to work. And it would take up less space than my current bikes do!

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