A Ride Do-Over

This weekend, I got a chance to try a group ride route again. Last fall was my first group ride, which turned into a minor disaster as my handlebar bag got caught in the front of my bicycle and messed up my front brakes. I could not clip out in time and fell on the trail. With the help of some kind fellow riders, I managed to untangle the bag from the bike and was able to ride the rest of the route. I lacked the ability to use my front brakes for the rest of that day, and had to catch up to the rest of the group (and got a little lost in the process), so my first ride was less satisfying than I had hoped.

When I saw that this ride route was scheduled again, I was determined to do it without any malfunctions this time. I got my front brakes fixed a while back and bought a new handlebar bag. This time around– no problems. I was with a few riders who were riding at my pace– comfortable, not too slow and not too fast for me– and I kept up well. It was definitely worth doing it over again.