Summertime Poll

Do you have an upper limit on when it gets too hot to bike?


New Commuting Clothes

Technical t-shirt, mountain bike shorts, light bike socks, mountain bike shoes with cleats. Going for the more casual look, instead of faux-racer, on my commutes. I tried the ensemble out last week, and it felt super comfortable. It’s a keeper.

June 2011 Totals

For the month of June, I biked 131.8 miles. Not bad, given that I had one week of vacation where I didn’t bike at all. But I didn’t accomplish the goals that I had wanted to achieve:

1. Work towards biking 50 miles per week, at least twice a week.
I only rode one week at 62.7 miles, so I’m not quite there yet.
2. Figure out what my average speed is.
The cyclocomputer I had frustrated me to the point where I had to buy another one that was more reliable. I’ll figure this out by the end of this month, and write a post about it.
3. Find a decent group ride that I can do regularly.
Still working on this. Post to come.
4. Try taking more interesting photos for the blog.
Still working on this, too! Any suggestions on how to take good pictures?

Feeling better– less tired. Keep on keeping on.