On Average

I’m a nerd when it comes to stats. I already keep track of my mileage. Just for the hell of it, I decided to keep track of my average speed for the month of July.

The bike ride I did the most often was going to and from the Metro Station. My average speed for this commute is 9.95 mph.

About once a week, I’ll bike to work. My average speed for this longer commute is 11.22 mph.

Those two commutes are on my cyclocross bike. I did longer rides with a group on my road bike. My average speed on my road bike rides is 13.24 mph. However, this data set is a little skewed because I only did two rides, and those were of varying mileage. I need more data to truly assess my average speed on my road bike.

What does this prove? That I am hella slow.

The factors in my commute are that I am usually rather encumbered, carrying at least 10 pounds. My tires are on the fatter side (700cx32). And, did I mention those hills?

Why did I collect these stats? I was trying to figure out which ride class was suitable for me. I still have fears of getting dropped in a group ride, so I wanted to make sure I picked appropriate rides for my speed. Based on the data I have so far, riding on my cyclocross bike puts me squarely in the C category. It looks like I’m on the cusp for a CC ride on my road bike. Otherwise, I’d get smoked if others put the hammer down.

I’ll continue to collect data for my road bike rides. Gotta do more of those rides, and soon.


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