On Preparing for a Century

Last year, I rode two century rides within two weeks of each other. It was kind of a crazy thing to do. I had never ridden that long of a ride before, so I wasn’t sure how to prepare for it. I figured just riding as much as I can would be a good start. I wasn’t really prepared when it came down to it, but I managed to finish both of them– on a hybrid, which proved to be an uncomfortable ride.

This year, I’ve been riding on two different bikes: a cyclocross bike for commutes, and a road bike for long weekend rides. I seem to have logged more time in the ‘cross saddle than I have in the road bike, which was not my intention, as I plan to use the road bike for the century this year.

I’ve kept track of my mileage on Bicycling Magazine’s training log page since last year, so I can compare my stats for this year and 2010. I had started a month earlier this year, so I had thought I had ridden more. Well, I did, but the difference between the two years wasn’t as great as I had thought it to be:

August 2011: 150.3, August 2010: 219.5
July 2011: 214.7, July 2010: 91.0
June 2011: 131.8, June 2010: 132.6
May 2011: 145.5, May 2010: 50.6
April 2011: 114.5, April 2010: 11.3
March 2011: 21.8
Total 2011: 805.6
Total 2010: 505

To be honest, I don’t feel ready for this year’s ride. I’m doing a different ride from last year’s two rides. Both rides were pretty flat, and this one will be hilly. I can climb hills fine on my road bike, but can I do that for 100 miles? I guess there’s only one way to find out.