Trying Out the Back Roads

(photo by R)

R and I rode the Back Roads Century this past weekend. We decided to do the 30-mile option, as he didn’t think he was up to doing more. We also opted to join a group to ride with.

The first leg of the ride was pretty laid back– lots of gently rolling hills and beautiful views of the countryside. Our first rest stop was at a mill, where we were greeted with some pleasant music (a banjo, dulcimer, and harp trio) and the most delicious boiled potatoes. We chatted with some of the other members of the group and took our time.

I’m ashamed to say that on the next leg, I violated one of my rules for a good group ride. The group leader warned us of some steep hills coming up, and of a particular descent with a sharp curve. When we got to that descent, I was prepared to be cautious and feather the brakes, only to discover that it wasn’t as treacherous (to me) as I thought– so I let loose and totally took in the adrenaline rush. I ended up being way ahead of the rest of the group, and waited for them at the second rest stop.

All in all, it was a great ride. 30 miles is the distance where I feel I get a good ride in and still have some legs left. It was rather chilly in the morning, so I wore tights and a short-sleeved jersey with armwarmers, and that felt good as I warmed up throughout the ride. R said he felt fine– and he seemed energized at the end.

I would definitely love to do a longer distance next time.

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