September 2011 totals

For the month of September, I biked 182.8 miles. This includes the Back Roads ride, as well as one shop ride. Only 12 miles away from reaching 1000 miles for the year!

If you follow my tweets, you know that I’ve signed up for a 200K ride. I still need to get some long rides in before then. So, my goals are:

1. Ride long rides for every weekend I’m able to.
2. Buy some warm clothes for the colder weather.
3. Figure out what I can eat before, during, and after a ride. (more on this later)

And away we go!


2 thoughts on “September 2011 totals

  1. Good luck on the 1000 mile goal! As much as I love being on my bike, I seem to be constantly trading the opportunity to ride for more “important life things”. I feel like my goal should be 5000/year, but I am struggling to make 1000. I have 420 left to go (but also 200 miles of events already planned). I’ll have to make a good push, but this year I’ll finally break the barrier, and set it higher for next year.

    • Thanks, John! I also can’t help thinking that I should have gotten more miles under my belt, but it’s more than I did last year, so it’s progress. I hope to do even more next year!

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