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I hit 1000 miles for the year last Friday. I was hoping to hit that milestone sooner, but hey– that’s more cumulative miles than last year, and a goal of mine for this one, so it’s an accomplishment. woot!

Speaking of those goals, though, I’ve failed on #4. The two centuries I wanted to do didn’t work out– the first because of Hurricane Irene, the second because I ended up wanting to do a ride with R at a mileage he felt comfortable with. I will, the fates willing, be able to do the 200K, I hope!

I have to admit that I haven’t been feeling up to biking to work lately. I think it’s more of a mental problem than a physical one. It’s become a drudgery– partly because I don’t enjoy the route I take, and partly because when I’m not feeling energized, it takes me longer to get to work than it does commuting by public transit. I think I’m going to try a different route next week and see if it makes me feel any better about it.

I still bike to the Metro, though, which has its share of feeling good and feeling like a slog. Taking the bus while my bike was in the shop, however, has renewed my desire to continue biking. I’m not a fan of the bus. Heck, I’ll even bike in the rain if I have to. And I have. I actually enjoy it.

Keep on pedaling.


3 thoughts on “Some Rambling

  1. The more I train the more I realize that getting good at a sport involves a lot of drudgery. As a friend and a very fast runner once said to me, “You gotta want it even when you don’t want it.”

    Do you find corollaries between training and practicing as a musician?

    • You know Sean, I can’t even say that I consider how I bike as proper training. I commute by bike, either going to the station or going all the way into work. Commuting adds miles, surely, but is it really training? I’m not approaching it from that mindset, at least– I’m just trying to get to work, which in itself is a drudgery. The fact that my commute, whichever I choose to take, involves routes that are way more physically taxing than I would like makes it enough of a challenge without the mental obstacles that I’ve thrown into the mix. But have I approached my commute systematically?

      The mindset of training, to me, would have to take into consideration not just miles logged in, but time taken and energy expended– things I’ve recorded, but have done nothing to work on improving or making more efficient. Should I work on it? Most definitely, and that is a future goal of mine. For now, though, I’m just trying to enjoy my time in the saddle, instead of dreading it.

      I’m sure I would find corollaries between training and practicing as a musician, if I were actually training. I have been meaning for a long time to write (elsewhere) about how I practice as a musician. (I’ve also been meaning to get back to practicing, but that’s a whole other issue entirely.) Once I start seriously training, I’ll revisit this idea and will try to write about that.

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