Growing Pains

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking (read: obsessing) about my bike situation.

It’s been a year almost to the day since I bought my Dolce. It’s a smooth ride– the gears shift smoothly, it climbs nimbly, and on rides up to 30 miles, I truly understand what it means to be one with the bike. However, on rides that are more than 30 miles, my back and hips start to hurt to the point of distraction.

With my Tricross, however, I don’t get that sense of joy on the bike. It’s not as if it’s difficult to ride, but it ain’t smooth as butta. I feel sluggish on it, and from my stats, I am. I haven’t yet ridden on it for more than 30 miles, but at the 30-mile mark, I have not experienced any back pain at all.

I’ve been thinking of tweaking my set-up for both bikes– getting my handlebars adjusted on the Dolce so that they angle slightly up to help my back, getting narrower tires on the Tricross so that I have less road resistance.

This post from Lovely Bicycle made me think of my upcoming 200K brevet. Which bike would be better for this ride? Which one will feel better when I reach the 100-mile mark? I’m having a hard time deciding. What do you think?