Goals for 2012

My goals for 2012:

1. Continue to bike through the winter until the first snowfall sticks. This may mean that I’m just going to keep biking, and that’s fine. (I can’t help but wish for a snow day at work, though!) This may also mean just commuting, and not doing any longer rides, and that’s fine too. The point here is to just keep biking one way or the other, for as long as I can.

2. Work on building up speed. I’ve pretty much proved over and over this year that I can do the long, steady miles, and that’s great. But I’m still slow. I believe my physical and mental burnout this year partially was a result of doing just long rides. Currently, my average speed is about 12.3 mph. I want to increase it to at least 13 mph, which is still slow, but hopefully not too ridiculous. Working on intervals is something new for me, so I’m going to try to keep doing it for next year.

2a. Don’t burn out. Do something other than biking, like getting back to yoga. It’s also all right to take a break from riding once in a while. In a way, I was glad to be forced to take a break this past week and a half, because I really needed it, both physically and mentally. There’s no point biking if it’s not fun.

3. Find a group to consistently train with. I’d like to do a variety of rides, but I want to do a training ride with one particular group at least twice a month.

Next: Rides I’d like to do in the future.


2 thoughts on “Goals for 2012

  1. A little bit of speed work, done consistently over time, will work wonders with your overall speed. Keep it simple! Another surprise benefit of speed work is that nothing makes the time and miles go by faster than intervals. Have fun!

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