Winter Riding Gear

Temperature: 35 F
Winds: 10-20 mph
Partly sunny.
Ride: to and from downtown in the morning, approximately 18 miles round-trip.

What I wore this morning:
Midweight synthetic baselayer
Long-sleeved jersey
Synthetic down jacket
Lobster gloves
Thermal tights
Wool socks

Result: My core stayed toasty warm– absolutely satisfied there. My fingers felt cold at the start of the ride, but warmed up considerably by the time I got home. My legs and feet felt warm while I was riding, but felt ice-cold to the touch. My ears were slightly cold, but not uncomfortable.

Conclusion: Keep the upper-body layers as is. Add another layer to my legs (long underwear, or pants?) and toe covers for my feet.


2 thoughts on “Winter Riding Gear

  1. I wore almost the same clothes as you did today in the same conditions. Except I wore three things you didn’t. Instead of a jersey I wore my old holey wool sweater. Over my tights I wore a pair of wind pants. And a pair of booties over my shoes. I bought mine from Performance. They have a thin, synthetic fleece layer on the inside. I was comfortable from start to finish, over an hour on the bike.

    • I was thinking I needed wind pants and some type of shoe covers. Because it was a short ride, I wasn’t feeling terribly uncomfortable, but think I need more layers on my lower part of my body if I were to do a longer ride.

      I like your holey sweater, by the way.

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