I met Eric at a Friday Coffee Club gathering. After discovering that we live nearby, he asked if I would be interested in riding with a group of his friends on weekends for training. I told him I’d be happy to. I got R to join me, as he just recently purchased a Fuji ACR 3.0 Roubaix and is in the process of learning to ride a road bike.

We got up early (for us on a Sunday morning) and met up with Eric and his friends. It was a little chilly, but the sun was out, and we warmed up quickly once we got going. We stopped at a neighborhood market for a break, and it was only then that I noticed how cold it was. Back on the road, if I kept spinning, I was comfortably warm, and not very sweaty at all. That’s a nice benefit to cold-weather cycling.

Funnily enough, as we were pulling out of the market, a group of riders from a shop ride I used to do came in. We got mixed into their crowd for a little bit, and I momentarily caught that weary feeling of not being able to catch up, as I had felt in previous rides with them. I had to remind myself that I was riding with a different group now.

I enjoyed the ride very much. The guys were pleasant to chat with, and it was fun to explore a new route that I had never done before. I look forward to doing more rides with them.