The River Ride

Sometimes, it’s just nice to go on a leisurely bike ride and not worry about how many miles I’ve logged in, or whether I get to the destination on time. And if it’s in springlike weather with good friends, all the better.

J invited me along to the Dandies and Quaintrelles River Ride. She and her husband N had just bought and refurbished a couple of vintage Schwinns and wanted to give them a spin on this ride whose recent themes have been around tweed and seersucker attire. But for this ride, D & Q announced the theme was “edgy, urban, contemporary, and functional.” What does that mean?

The woman in the foreground had a lot of sequins on her outfit and bike.

It was subject to a wide range of interpretations. Some went the hipster route. Others wore their race gear. And still others wore things that would attract attention– there was a March Hare and Mad Hatter.

We went for classic urban.

J & N with Vintage Schwinn Breezers.

It was a lovely sunny day, a tad chilly, but perfect for bicycling. Our route took us around Hains Point, and then on the Mount Vernon Trail to Crystal City. It was at a relaxed pace, and I enjoyed the time chatting with my friends while on the bike.

Once we got to Crystal City, we parked our bikes and walked around to see the different events going on. Outside, there was a bike polo tournament. Meanwhile, in the parking garage, the Diamond Derby was taking place. The course was designed so that the racers weaved around and outside the garage and back. There was the option of stopping to do challenges like pitch u-locks into tires, or walk in and out of a van while carrying the bike in order to earn extra points. It was part cyclocross, part kids’ obstacle course race, and fun to watch.

I did manage to get some miles in by biking to the event and back home. Many thanks to Dandies & Quaintrelles, and to J & N for a great day!