Bike Fit

On Friday, I did something I should have done long before: I scheduled an appointment for a bike fitting for my Tricross.

I’ve been saying all along that the bike doesn’t feel quite right, but I couldn’t say specifically what was wrong with it. I don’t get any aches and pains from riding, but there was still something that prevents me from feeling 100% comfortable on it.

At my bike fit appointment, the specialist asked me questions about my bike riding habits and on my general fitness level. He took measurements of my inseam, and my shoulder width. While on the bike, he measured the angle of my shoulder to my torso and the angle of bend in my knee at the lowest point of the circle. He watched me pedal and took notes on any unusual movements.

The result? He said that most of my adjustments should be in the handlebars and stem. My handlebars are slightly too wide for me, and that my reach slightly too stretched out. He said that the frame size is at the upper limit of what I can comfortably handle, which is fine for short-distance commuting, but ultimately not good for longer rides.

All of this rings true for me. I plan on getting narrower handlebars and a shorter stem for now, and hopefully that will make me feel a little more comfortable. In the future, though, I am going to look for a bike that fits me better, based on the measurements I have obtained from this bike fit.

3 thoughts on “Bike Fit

  1. I rode my Sequoia for 15 years with very narrow handlebars. Then I bought a Bike Friday and the sales person talked me into wider handlebars. After a short adjustment period I ended up liking them a lot so I put wider bars on the Sequoia. Wow! What a difference! I should have done it years earlier.

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