Multi-Modal Gear: the Arkel Switchback 2.0

Here’s a bag that I’ve been using a lot. It’s the Arkel Switchback 2.0. This handy bag converts from a pannier to a backpack in seconds.

Underneath the hook-and-loop-secured flaps are comfortable, sturdy straps.

The cam-lock system at the top securely attaches to the bike’s rear rack, but doesn’t get caught in your clothes when using it as a backpack.

The three compartments hold a lot of stuff. On a normal workday, I have several notebooks, a paperback book, a lunch tote, a wallet, a cell phone, keys, and when going to work, a U-lock and cable. This bag can carry all of this. And today, I managed to fit my first CSA share into the bag, with some finagling.

It doesn’t have room to fit a helmet inside, as its cousin, the Arkel Bug, can. But I’m willing to sacrifice this for the Switchback’s slimmer profile.

It seems like a tough, well made bag. I like being able to take the weight off my back while riding my bike, and being able to carry it on my back when I’m walking. I’m really happy with the Switchback so far.

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