I haven’t been in the mood for riding, and thus haven’t been in the mood for writing about riding. Oh, I’ve been doing the usual daily commute to the Metro, but aside from that one group ride, I haven’t really done much more.

One reason has been the 100F days– I had thought I could ride in hot weather, but that just might be my upper temperature limit for rides longer than my short commute. Another reason is the heartburn that I had developed from that group ride. I was a little concerned that it was something other than heartburn, since it lasted for many days after that. But after a night of no riding and eating a bunch of tomatoes, there was no doubt that that’s what it is. I’m taking Prilosec, and it seems to be helping.

That I have some long rides coming up that I should prepare for should give me some motivation. I hope to get moving next month.

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