July 2012 Stats

For the month of July, I biked 107 miles.

I’ve noticed that since March, my monthly total has steadily declined. And with it, so has my motivation to do a lot of riding. Part of the problem lies with some health issues that I’m still trying to figure out how to resolve. But it’s more about feeling excited to ride.

I’ve scheduled a century ride each month for the next three months, and possibly a brevet, depending on how I feel. We’ll see how it goes.


One thought on “July 2012 Stats

  1. lisa: sometimes you just have to get on the bike. Last evening i so wanted to stay and watch the Olympics but knew i needed to ride some. So i told myself that i’ll just ride for 20 mins then come back. An hour and a half later i finished drenched in sweat and feeling good about riding. This has happened too many times – so i know i just have to get on the bike and i will find the will to keep on riding. I am always willing to cut it short if i am “not feeling” it but i have yet to do that. SO just get on the bike….. Let me which brevet – looking forward to seeing you soon.

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