An Attempt at More Biking, Take Two

Meet the newest member of the bike family: the Dahon Mariner D7.

I bought this bike on Craigslist, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s a 7 speed, so I can ride up hills fairly easily. It has an aluminum frame, which means it’s light to carry. I also like the metallic look a lot. The rack and fenders come standard on this bike– perfect for commuting.

I’ve ridden a little over 40 miles on the bike now, mostly to and from the Metro station. I rode it once to work, then folded it up and carried on the train on the return. I shared a car with two full-sized bikes and a baby stroller, and noticed with smug satisfaction that my bike took up less space than any of them.

So, the idea is ride to work, then fold it up and take the train home. I just got the carry-on bag, so hopefully, I won’t be stopped by a Metro official. And with enough practice, folding and unfolding will become a breeze. I’ll report back after I’ve tried it a few times.

6 thoughts on “An Attempt at More Biking, Take Two

  1. This news = AWESOME! Congrats on the new bike, SO smart/good eye to get it off of Craigslist, and I hope it does all you hope it will. I remember @lkono talking about using the bag to avoid any hassling and it sounded like it worked for her. Looking forward to more reports on the multi-modal commutes!

      • My initial thoughts: it seems sturdy enough to carry what I need to work. Like @lkono, I find that using Ortlieb Front Rollers in the back work well. My Arkel Switchback 2.0 also works fine. My only complaint right now is that the tail reflector sometimes gets in the way of the bags’ hooks, so I may swap it out for a smaller reflector eventually.

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