End-of-the-Year Totals 2012

For the month of December, I biked 152.5 miles.

For 2012, I biked 2153.8 miles. This blows away last year’s total of 1466.7!

I biked 242 days out of the year. On average, I biked 20 days a month. The most I rode was in March, with 24 days and 272.4 miles logged.

This year, I rode two English centuries, one metric century, and two 200K brevets. I rode several shorter organized rides and a shop ride. I mostly commuted, either to a Metro station or to work.

I had some physical setbacks. I experienced extreme dehydration. I developed carpal tunnel. I’ve strained a nerve in my left hip. I’ve bounced back and kept on riding.

I’m starting to learn my way around the city. I’m learning more about riding as I go, and meeting good people in the process. I’m looking forward to another great year of biking.

Have a wonderful new year– I’ll see you on the other side.


Goals 2013 and Future Rides

I was trying to think of what goals I wanted to accomplish for the coming year. The only goal that would be different from last year would be to try to reach 3000 miles– but that’s kind of arbitrary and I don’t know if I’ll get there just by setting it as a goal. Instead, I think it would be more fun to list the rides I would like to do next year. So, here’s the list of new rides for me:
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2012 Goals: Needs Work

I thought my goals were pretty modest, but it seems like I only accomplished half of them.

My goals for 2012 were:

1. Continue to bike through the winter until the first snowfall sticks.
I’ve now established that I can successfully bike in cold weather in this area, and I will continue to ride year-round. It hardly snowed at all this year, and I’ll continue to take advantage of that if I can in the coming year.

2. Work on building up speed.
This was a fail. I didn’t do any dedicated work on this at all. This is partly because my schedule was really crazy (I did more work-related traveling this year than usual and I went back to school in the fall), and partly because– I admit it– I’m not motivated to train like this. I know you all have great suggestions on how to train for speed, but I need to rethink this to see whether this should even be a goal for me.

2a. Don’t burn out. Do something other than biking, like getting back to yoga. It’s also all right to take a break from riding once in a while.
I did yoga for the first half of the year, which felt really good. I did Japanese taiko drumming for the rest of the year, and although J made fun of me for calling this a workout, it really is. (Don’t believe me? Try taking an introductory class! It’s really fun.) I need to keep stretching and weight-bearing exercises in my routine to keep fit.

3. Find a group to consistently train with.
This is also something I haven’t yet figured out. I thought I found a good bike shop group to ride with, but they stopped offering rides in October, and won’t resume again until the spring. I need a group I can ride with all year long. Or maybe I should just train by myself.

Next up: goals for 2013.

November 2012 Stats

For the month of November, I biked 195.6 miles. This includes the Flatbread 200K. I would have biked more, but moving to the new place disrupted my schedule. However, I did hit the 2000-mile mark this month– the first time I’ve ever biked that many miles in a year. And I still have another month to go!

I’m hoping that I can get at least one good ride in this month. Unfortunately, I think one ride a month is probably going to be the best I can do for a while, as I hope to finish this certificate program in a year– my class seems to be taking up the bulk of my time these days. We’ll see how it goes.

In the meantime, I hope to 1) find the battery charger for the camera so that I can take some pictures, 2) put up some posts about some new gear I’ve acquired, and 3) post my goals for next year.

November marked the second year of this blog. I hope to continue writing– thanks for reading.