A Holiday Wish List: Bike Pants

My most recent obsession is finding a pair of commuting/short distance bike pants that look good on or off the bike. I have very detailed specifications for pants:

  1. They have to fit (obviously)- I’m 5’2″ with short legs and wide hips.
  2. They have to be full length, and have to taper at the leg so that they don’t interfere with the chainring, but not so much that they look like leggings.
  3. They have to be in a dark color so that the grease stains don’t show. (I know– I should clean my bike more often, but I’m being realistic here)
  4. They have to be made of sturdy material.
  5. They can’t look like I’m going for sport ride– they have to look like casual pants.

Right now, I have two 3/4 length pants: the Chrome Vanya Knickers and the Gore Countdown 2.0 Lady Pants. Of the two, I like the Chrome better for cold weather riding– the material is thicker and sturdy. The Gore is made of a thinner material, which is uncharacteristically not windproof.

I’d really like some full-length pants for the winter. Here are some that I’ve been looking at online:
Ibex Equipo Pants. I like that it has a liner. A little pricey.

Outlier Women’s Daily Riding Pants. Looks classy, although I don’t have the model’s thin legs. Pricey.

Betabrand Bike to Work Pants. They have some bike-specific additions, such as reflective cuffs. The inseam looks longer than what I can wear.

Do you have any suggestions for pants for short people?


2 thoughts on “A Holiday Wish List: Bike Pants

  1. I tend to have the opposite issue with pants. I’m always on the hunt for ones that are long enough :). When I found a pair that worked, I pounced, and ended up buying a few REI pants (in Tall) from a few seasons ago that rolled up to into clamdiggers. They’ve been great because they are mid-weight, but dry fairly quickly. When off the bike I can roll them down into regular pants, but they have a fastener to keep them rolled up when on the bike. To keep my legs warm, I use ski socks. Anyway, I just throw that out there as an alternative to a tapered leg. Good luck!

  2. Ski socks are awesome! I love them.
    Right now, I’m wearing regular work pants and rolling them up. I’m kind of getting tired of rolling them up and down when I’m on and off the bike– I’d like to have an alternative pair of pants that I don’t have to do this. Maybe I’ll take a look at REI. Thanks for the tip!

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