2012 Goals: Needs Work

I thought my goals were pretty modest, but it seems like I only accomplished half of them.

My goals for 2012 were:

1. Continue to bike through the winter until the first snowfall sticks.
I’ve now established that I can successfully bike in cold weather in this area, and I will continue to ride year-round. It hardly snowed at all this year, and I’ll continue to take advantage of that if I can in the coming year.

2. Work on building up speed.
This was a fail. I didn’t do any dedicated work on this at all. This is partly because my schedule was really crazy (I did more work-related traveling this year than usual and I went back to school in the fall), and partly because– I admit it– I’m not motivated to train like this. I know you all have great suggestions on how to train for speed, but I need to rethink this to see whether this should even be a goal for me.

2a. Don’t burn out. Do something other than biking, like getting back to yoga. It’s also all right to take a break from riding once in a while.
I did yoga for the first half of the year, which felt really good. I did Japanese taiko drumming for the rest of the year, and although J made fun of me for calling this a workout, it really is. (Don’t believe me? Try taking an introductory class! It’s really fun.) I need to keep stretching and weight-bearing exercises in my routine to keep fit.

3. Find a group to consistently train with.
This is also something I haven’t yet figured out. I thought I found a good bike shop group to ride with, but they stopped offering rides in October, and won’t resume again until the spring. I need a group I can ride with all year long. Or maybe I should just train by myself.

Next up: goals for 2013.


2 thoughts on “2012 Goals: Needs Work

  1. You should try spin classes for speed! Some instructors will emphasize training that translates to on-the-bike skills. I took a class with Ayesha at Off Road and she has experience coaching cyclists (so not just teaching spin classes).

    I also like your winter biking goal – I think that’s mine for this season. The hardest part isn’t even the waking up early – it’s the evening commute in the dark!

    • I’m definitely going to try spinning!
      As for the evening commute– you definitely have to wear reflective clothing, have bike lights, and travel on well-lit paths when possible. I actually kind of like riding at night in some ways.

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