End-of-the-Year Totals 2012

For the month of December, I biked 152.5 miles.

For 2012, I biked 2153.8 miles. This blows away last year’s total of 1466.7!

I biked 242 days out of the year. On average, I biked 20 days a month. The most I rode was in March, with 24 days and 272.4 miles logged.

This year, I rode two English centuries, one metric century, and two 200K brevets. I rode several shorter organized rides and a shop ride. I mostly commuted, either to a Metro station or to work.

I had some physical setbacks. I experienced extreme dehydration. I developed carpal tunnel. I’ve strained a nerve in my left hip. I’ve bounced back and kept on riding.

I’m starting to learn my way around the city. I’m learning more about riding as I go, and meeting good people in the process. I’m looking forward to another great year of biking.

Have a wonderful new year– I’ll see you on the other side.

3 thoughts on “End-of-the-Year Totals 2012

  1. That’s a great year and very close to what I averaged over the past 18 years and what I did this last year, except you do so many short rides. That is admirable. I try to make that possible in my life but it is hard with two young children. It is inspiring and I’ll get there one day.

    • To be clear, I should say that it is far easier to get a lot of miles in on road rides. It’s using a bicycle for transportation that is the impressive feat. Good luck this year. I will be going for more miles locally, once the weather moderates some.

      • For me, getting in miles on road rides is way more impressive!

        I’ll be writing a post soon on bike transportation– I do think it’s easy to do when you live in a city, and one that is pretty bike-friendly at that. I’ve been commuting to work and running errands by bike– these are things I have to do, so getting in the miles is easy. Making the time to do road rides seems harder, because the rest of my time (including weekends) is pretty much spoken for.

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