Hains Point Loops

On New Year’s Day, I rode out to Hains Point and rode 4 times around. The first time, I stopped several times to take pictures and post to Twitter. Then I tried to actually do interval training the way J had taught me: easy riding on one length of the point, 80% effort on the second length. I don’t yet have a heart rate monitor, so I guessed how much effort I was expending. All I know is that I’m out of shape.

I can understand how training this way– riding in circles– would get pretty boring. But I enjoy looking at the scenery here. For now, anyway, I’d rather do this than ride up and down a hill.

2 thoughts on “Hains Point Loops

  1. You blog is snowing – fun! And appropriate. Glad you got in some loops; hate I missed it. Did one today in tribute. I got some hills for ya, right over here in my neighborhood. I certainly need to work on them. Let me know when you want to tackle them. 🙂

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