Spin Cycle: A Tale of Two Spin Classes

I’ve been told that spin classes were fun, and that as a cyclist, I should give them a try. As luck would have it, I had the opportunity to try two different classes in the space of a week.

I found out that one of my friends, T-Joy, teaches classes at a gym in town. She graciously allowed me to try her class as a guest. The only drawback was that it started at 7 in the morning.

I tried to get up early. But somehow I didn’t manage to get out the door in time, and I got to the gym on time, but after getting situated, I was ten minutes late to class. No matter– T-Joy announced my arrival (“my friend made it to class!”), helped me set up my bike, and I was spinning away.

What I really loved was her choice of music. It was like a dance party, except on a bike. I was pedaling away in time to the beats, working up a sweat. It was only an hour class, but I felt pumped up and awake. I changed back into my work clothes and went to work on an endorphin rush that lasted for most of the morning.

My second class was a full two hours at a spin studio, involving watching two Sufferfest videos. This time, I managed to get to class early, which was good, because their bikes were different from my previous class and I had to figure out what my settings were all over again.

I was a little concerned how this class was going to run, for the instructor began with a couple of cycling meme videos as a warmup. But once we got to the actual cycling videos, it was fine. She used her own playlist of songs, which were also fun to listen to. She also spent time off her bike, walking around, correcting people’s form and shouting encouraging words. I thought in the beginning that I wasn’t going to make it through the whole two hours, but I did, and felt good.

So what did I take away from these two spin classes?

1. Spinning with music gets me going.
2. Watching a video while spinning is fun, but a little dizzy-making for me.
3. Both times, I was at my threshold zone for my heart rate, but didn’t hit the anaerobic stage. I’m not yet sure what that means. I don’t have the footpod to measure distance and power, so I can’t compare my two efforts in that way.
4. I had a lot of fun!

It’s too soon to say whether these classes will help with my brevet performances, but they’re good for working up a sweat, and a great alternative to cycling outside when the weather isn’t cooperating.

4 thoughts on “Spin Cycle: A Tale of Two Spin Classes

  1. I need to keep up with spinning, too, especially since I haven’t been riding much the past few weeks. I was also confused my first time at Sunday Sufferfest, because the first half hour is just warm-up time and the class doesn’t really start until 2:30pm.

    • Huh. It seemed like people got there early– I think that if I got there at 2:30, there wouldn’t have been a bike left. Hope we can meet up sometime at a class!

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