Errandonnee #10-#12

errandonnee 10
Destination: tea.

Observation: once again, a great Friday Coffee Club gathering. The regulars were there. I finally got to meet baby Hugo! Some wanted to call this a “community meeting,” I called it my second tea outing.

errandonnee 11
Destination 2: work.

Observation: Somehow, I managed to hit green lights almost all the way down Pennsylvania Avenue. That’s a first for me.

errandonnee 12
Destination 3: lunch.

Observation: It was a warm, sunny afternoon. I decided to bike to one of the food truck areas and try a truck new to me. I was unfortunately disappointed– not only was my lunch bland and flavorless, it upset my stomach. I should have stuck with empanadas. Still, it was worth it to sit in the sun for a while.

Number of miles ridden today: 8.75
Cumulative miles: 53.86
Number of categories completed: 9
Number of errands completed: 12

Errandonnee 2013– done!