Lessons Learned From the Thurmont Thump

I’m pleased to report some progress.

New saddle is comfortable. The Terry Liberator X saddle works great for long rides. A big difference there. I was sore, but not in pain like last time.

New top tube bag= easy access to food. I bought a Detours Slice bag, which makes it easier for me to use while riding. It opens and closes with a zipper, and I was able to fish out Shot Bloks and a Larabar with one gloved hand. Nice.

Fueling up. I had a good dinner the night before. I took small bites of energy bars and Shot Bloks while on the bike, a quick stop for a sandwich, and followed everything with a Tums chaser. My energy (and mental state) was more or less constant throughout, and I managed to keep the heartburn at bay this time. I stayed well hydrated.

Some things to think about:

Baseline for training? Although I rode the Glen Echo Populaire in January and the Vasa Ride earlier this month, in comparing my stats between this year and last year, I only rode 38.5 miles more this year than last– not a really significant difference. However, I’ve been doing core exercises religiously every morning, and I did a couple of spin classes. I think that’s a start in the right direction.

More riding, more riding hills. As usual. I did mostly seated climbs this time. I think that works better for me for longer climbs. I have a better strategy for dealing with hills, but I could always use more practice.

Take some pictures, will ya? Yes- I now have a smartphone. Unfortunately, I am a dumb user– I left my charger at work and my phone almost ran out of juice getting to the ride. So I turned off my phone to conserve energy. I will take pictures next time!

I do plan on doing at least one permanent this year, and I will poll you folks who have expressed interest in doing it with me to find out a date when the most people can join. Maybe late spring/early summer?

When I am done with classes (hopefully in December), I hope to either try a personal trainer, just for kicks, and/or complete a P-12. For now, I’m just going to have to do the best I can to fit riding in when I’m not otherwise studying, writing, practicing, or playing music.

2 thoughts on “Lessons Learned From the Thurmont Thump

  1. You are reminding me to get a top tube bag for the tandem. And also to do things like core strengthening. The first is going to be easier!

    If you’re up for a P-12 at some point, we’ll do it with you.

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