The One Bike Theory

tricross 2013
I’ve been riding my Tricross bike for everything lately. I use it for commuting to work, getting around town, running errands, and weekend rides. I’ve even ridden two (hilly) populaires on it. According to my statistics, I’ve ridden well over 2500 miles on it since I bought it used in 2010.

I have a road bike that is currently sitting in storage until my favorite shop ride resumes in the spring– I think. I have a folding bike that I had bought to be multimodal, except now I either ride an entire trip on a bike, or I take the Metro, or lately I’ve been multimodalling it via Capital Bikeshare.

Maybe I should only have one bike? I’ve been thinking of eventually selling the Tricross and getting a nimble yet solid steel-frame bike– or at least a bike that fits me a little better than what I have now. Like Alex, size is an issue for me too, but I can’t afford a custom-built bike right now.

And yet– I’m not sure whether I want to give up my road bike. I like it for short, fast weekend rides, but not for longer rides. I can’t decide.

10 thoughts on “The One Bike Theory

  1. Lisa:

    have you had a bike fit yet? why do you think you need a custom bike? i bought a steel on craigslist and it was a perfect fit for me. many of the guys have done the same – but with some minor modification. I am not suggesting you don’t need a custom fit – but you should have a bike that fits you comfortably on these long rides.

  2. I rode the road bike on Urbana last year– I didn’t like it. The handlebar angle is a little deeper (I forget the number), the tires are narrower (700×23; I have 700×28 on the Tricross), and I don’t have braze-ons for a rack. I noticed the road vibrations a lot more on this bike.

    I suppose I could get the angle adjusted, swap out for wider tires, and do something for the vibrations? But I still don’t have a good place for a bag– I don’t like front bags, and I don’t have enough clearance for a saddlebag in the back.

  3. You do realize you’re bucking the trend, right? The correct answer for the number of bikes you are supposed to own is one more than the number you currently own. There is no substraction allowed! ๐Ÿ™‚

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