Brewvet 2013 (DNQ)

Dogfish Head big bottles
I like biking, I like beer. I did the Hoppy 100 last year. This year’s challenge was the Brewvet, from Drink Craft Beer. The goal: to ride 12 rides totalling 100 km (~62 miles) and try a beer at each of those rides that falls within one of the nine categories listed.

I managed to get the mileage in handily, but only completed 6 rides. Still, I gave it my best shot, and what follows is a list of my brewvet rides.

Ride #1: Gordon Biersch
Category: Brew Local
Beer: Hefeweizen
Miles: 0.76
Thoughts: I like a good wheat beer on summer days, and this one was surprisingly refreshing. Forgot to take a photo– oops!

Ride #2: One Stop Deli
Category: Buy Local
Beer: Sam Adams Summer Ale
Miles: 53.17
Thoughts: Purchased on our trip to the Lockhouse. Much needed after a long, hot bike ride. Uh, forgot to take a photo again.

Ride #3: Home
Category: Buy Local
Beer: Sam Adams Summer Ale
Miles: 57.78
Thoughts: I carried half a six-pack in my pannier on our return trip. It did weigh me down, but the bottles arrived home intact, and it was a worthy shower beer.

Brewvet #4
Ride #4: Founding Farmers
Category: Go Exploring
Beer: Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’
Miles: 2.9
Thoughts: Finally, I remembered to take a picture! This was a beer new to me. I’m not sure what to make of it. Not quite spicy to be a Belgian style, not quite hoppy to be an IPA despite its color.

Ride #5: Franklins Brewery
Category: Porteur
Beer: A More Perfect Union
Miles: 27.8
Thoughts: Consumed at the end of a ride on the Branch Trails. This is Franklins’ version of the White House porter recipe. Porters and stouts are some of my favorite beers. I would have liked to have a little more heft and depth to this one, but it was tasty.

Brewvet #6
Ride #6: Belga Cafe
Category: Spring Classic
Beer: Grimbergen Dubbel
Miles: 0.8 miles
Thoughts: Another beer new to me. Very drinkable.

Total rides completed: 6
Total miles completed: 143.21
Total categories completed: 5

Many thanks go to John and to Drink Craft Beer for organizing the brewvet!

2 thoughts on “Brewvet 2013 (DNQ)

  1. Lagunitas Lil Sumpin is my favorite beer these days. As you say, sort of part Belgium, part IPA but not really. Their Undercover was the smoothest, least bitter 65 IBU 10% alcohol beer around but it’s probably hard to find.

    I’d like to try that double.

    A shower beer? New concept to me.

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