Hoppy 100 2013

Brewmaster's Castle
This year’s Hoppy 100 route took us to some upcoming breweries as well as some favorites from last year. Coinciding with DC Beer Week, it was a fantastic way to celebrate biking and beer.

We started at the Brewmaster’s Castle, also known as the Heurich House Museum. This was the house of the oldest brewer, Christian Heurich, who lived to be 102. The museum was not open early in the morning, but we gathered at the steps to the entrance. Riders arrived in the morning, in the drizzling rain– Bobbi Shaftoe, Jason, Peter, Rootchopper, Alex, Chris, Darsal. John, the organizer, thoughtfully brought some Munchkins to have before the ride.

We set out in the rain. We first rode by Atlas Brew Works– I mean, we inadvertently rode past it, since the brewery is set in an industrial area and there is currently no sign that marks it. We doubled back, and then rode over to Bardo’s , which looks like a bunch of tanks from the outside.

From there, we rode on the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail, which I thought was great because I’ve wanted to trail for a while. As we headed back on the South Capitol Street Bridge, we came across a bicyclist who fell. He was injured and pretty shaken up. We all stood by and talked to him while Chris called 911, and an ambulance arrived. The EMT folks had told us to take the guy’s bike to the police station down the road. We were not prepared for the level of bureaucracy involved and chastising from the officers in doing so. Fortunately, we found out later that the cyclist was not seriously injured. He was released from the hospital later that afternoon and got his bike back without any problems, so all’s well that ends well.

The incident took some time off our riding schedule, so we decided to skip riding by Bluejacket and instead went straight to lunch (via the Custis hills) at Mad Fox Brewing Company. I was ravenous by then. I got their English Summer Ale, along with a veggie sandwich, both of which hit the spot. Mr. Sharrows DC stopped by and hung out with us for a while.

The Hoppy 100 group
On our way to Port City, we came across a celebration of a father-son duo who rode cross country from San Francisco back to the DC area. (Here’s their blog!) I couldn’t help but think of Crystal and Adam who are making their journey from DC to California.

The Hoppy 100 inevitably involves a point where we get lost, and this year’s ride did not disappoint. There was one section that had us ride through the woods on some very rocky terrain, downhill. I’m not sure why. I gritted my teeth and made it through fine, and thankfully, it was a short section before we were back on paved road again.

Port City Brewing Company was a popular place to be this afternoon. A cover band was playing, and there were lots of people around. I got a taste of the Optimal Wit, which was good. I would have liked to have had more, but I was getting tired.

At the last part of the ride, it had stopped raining, but my legs were starting to feel heavy and my chest was beginning to hurt. But I pushed through, and then headed home. All told, I did 57.16 miles, or 92 kilometers, which isn’t 100 of anything, but who cares? I had a wonderful time. Thanks to all the riders, and to John for organizing another great Hoppy 100!

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  1. Perhaps the “100” represents the percentage of a “Good Time Ride”..!! Nice read. (Your narrative made it read like an adventure. Very enjoyable.)

  2. Tell us more about the DC Police treatment. This was the station on Maine Ave, yes? We have a community police representative to SW that I’d like to inform about the experience.

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