September 2013 Stats

For the month of September, I biked 177.9 miles for 20 days. This includes the 50 States ride.

Upcoming rides: GAP/C&O (although the C&O part may be thwarted due to the government shutdown– stay tuned), and an attempt at coffeeneuring (although I’m not going to guarantee that I’ll be successful in this challenge). Happy Autumn.

4 thoughts on “September 2013 Stats

  1. And an awesome 50 States it was. Congrats on getting the monkey off your back.
    As for the C&O, what will likely be closed are the pumps and the pit toilets. You can’t rely on the pumps anyway because they often turn them off when the water is bad. As for the pit toilets, EWWWW. There are plenty of places near the trail with facilities. Have a great ride.

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