An Epic Ride: Part 3- Cumberland, Ho!

Bike Wash
Day 3
Rockwood, PA to Cumberland, MD
44.75 miles
154.89 miles from start

We woke up to fog and a sudden drop in temperature. The last couple mornings were around the 60s F; this morning was 42F. I was prepared for the colder weather, but I think it took some of us by surprise.

I was a little concerned about my endurance. This would be the first time I would ride a 40+-mile ride three days in a row. Would I be able to keep up? I did a mental check– I was feeling good, no more tired than usual. My legs were a little stiff, but not sore. My neck, lower back, and butt felt just fine. Well then, I thought, I’m in good enough shape to ride today.
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