New Commute 2013

Northwest Branch Trail

So yes, we moved again. What we gained in space and home ownership, we lost in proximity to work. My bicycle commute is back to being around 50 minutes again. It’s been difficult waking up much earlier, especially now that the days are shorter and I start and end the ride in the dark.

But there are benefits to this longer commute. I now travel on two bike trails. One of the trails is wooded, and I’ve seen deer graze nearby nearly every day. There were ducks swimming in the stream last night. More often than not, I’ve had drivers stop at intersections and wave me through. These moments make up for the more challenging parts of the commute, involving riding in traffic and going up hills. I’ve more than doubled the number of miles I ride in a week with this new commute.

This evening, I had the rare opportunity to ride home with my friend and neighbor. Traffic was fairly light, so we rode side by side at times and chatted. It made the time go by fairly quickly, and the next thing I knew, I was home. It was such a treat to commute with someone instead of riding alone.

As before, I’m still adjusting to my new home and my new schedule. But the transition has been better than I had hoped it would be.

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