Goals for 2013: Mostly Accomplished

I was surprised to discover that I had successfully completed many of the rides I had wanted to do for 2013.

WABA Vasa Ride– I did the Halvvasan (Half-Vasa).


Hains Point Loops training– well, I can’t really say I trained, but I rode around Hains Point several times throughout the year, and I did participate (a little) in the Hains Point 100.

Spinning– yes! I took 2 spinning classes, and enjoyed them.

Cyclocross– this is the only ride I did not do. Next year!

WABA 50 States Ridedone!

Brevets– didn’t do any full brevets this year, but I did two populaires.

I did a lot of other rides this year as well. Despite having a lot of other things going on that competed for my time, this was a good biking year.

Next up: rides for 2014.

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