Possible Rides for 2014

Here are some rides I’d like to do next year. If I don’t get around to them in 2014, I still would like to do them someday.

Indian Head Century
Great Pumpkin Ride
Monument to Monument Ride
Rootchopper! has done these rides, and they sound like fun.

Schuylkill Century/Bike Philadelphia– I’ve been meaning to do at least one of these rides for years, but have been foiled either by bad weather or conflicts in my schedule. Maybe this will be the year I ride in Philly?

Climate Ride– now that I know I can do a multi-day ride, I’d like to tackle this one. The only thing I find daunting is the fundraising.

RAGBRAI Going to try for 2015!

Cyclocross– at least to watch a ride.

At least one permanent— there are a bunch that start near where I live, so I really have to do this.

Are there any rides you’re planning to do next year? Let me know in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Possible Rides for 2014

  1. All good goals, Lisa — hope you meet them!

    We’re starting to plan our summer holiday — cycle touring in the western Highlands of Scotland! I’ve never cycle toured (multi-day riding carrying all our gear) so I’m campaigning for B&Bs, not camping. 😉

    Cycle Oregon is my list. As is the new L’eroica Britannia, launching in 2014 as a three-day cycling festival in England’s Lake District. We won’t make it to either of these in 2014 — too many other things happening to allow us to take that much time off, on top of the Scotland tour. But maybe one in 2015 and the other in 2016.

    Would also like to complete an Audax UK Calendar Event within the time limit! :p

  2. Monument to Monument actually starts in Baltimore. Somebody got the idea to do a ride from DC this year. It was a great idea. I’d have enjoyed it more if I wasn’t sick. I want to do RAGBRAI once but I always find an excuse to skip it.

    • I’m happy to do M2M from DC to Baltimore– I think that would be awesome.
      @dirteng can’t do RAGBRAI until 2015– I think it would be really cool to make it a #bikeDC adventure and have lots of folks come along.

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