Soupaneuring #5-6 and Summary

soupaneuring #5
Soupaneuring #5
Pho D’Lite
Pho with steak
December 28, 2013 (doubled up this week; the last week of the challenge will be my waiver week per Rule 3B)
8.17 miles

The good news is that I was able to convince R to join me on this ride! The bad news is that we went to three places to get soup before we found a place that was open– darn college towns and their stores being closed during winter break! Thankfully, the ride was pleasant, as was the pho.

Soupaneuring #6
“Soup in a Basket” Option (Rule 2C)
January 4, 2014
2.45 miles

Rule 2C in this year’s Soupaneuring rules allows for a ride to purchase ingredients for soup, and then to ride to another location to make and eat the soup. I opted to ride to a local supermarket and then ride back home. I was a little worried about this ride, as it had snowed a couple nights before, and the temperatures were in the teens (Fahrenheit) in the early morning. The sun came out and warmed the day, so I headed out when it was in the 20s. 10 degrees does make a difference.

The major roads were clear and mostly dry. I took the lane instead of riding in the snowplow leavings. I made it to the store without incident, and locked up my bike.

Bike parking at Giant
I bought the ingredients, put them in my pannier, and then headed home. I did take a side road on the way home that was a little icy, but I made it to my door safely.

Here are the ingredients that I bought:
soupmaking ingredients

And here’s the final product: a tortilla soup, garnished with a dollop of sour cream, avocado, and cheddar cheese, with a side of quesadilla:
the final product

Soupaneuring challenge: done!

Total miles ridden: 72.21
Favorite soup: I can’t decide!
Final observations: It is definitely worth it to go riding for soup! Snow and ice were not factors for me until the last ride, but cold is definitely not an issue to saddle up.

My Flickr set is here: Many thanks to the Pittsburgh soupaneuring crew for offering this challenge!