January 2014 Stats

For the month of January, I biked 100.7 miles in 13 days. Snow and ice and a bad head cold contributed to a light month of biking. I did manage to take a spin class so I didn’t get entirely stir-crazy.

I also took my bike in for a tune-up, which it badly needed. I’m hoping I can at least get some commuting miles in next month– we’ll see if the weather cooperates.


3 thoughts on “January 2014 Stats

  1. I think you did well to get to 100. I allowed myself to wimp out in the worst of the weather and have far fewer miles for the month. There’s something about working from home, with no commute most days. I love it, and it allows me to choose when I want to ride. But unfortunately it’s easier to slack when the weather gets bad!

    • Thanks, Nancy. Although I’m a little jealous that you can work from home, I like having the excuse of having to go to work to get to ride my bike. It’s probably the best part of my day, and I get cranky when I can’t ride, so I try to do as much as I can.

      • There’s so many good things about self-employment and working from home. I realized though that finding more time to ride is just a fantasy unless I actually schedule the rides. Otherwise I have a tendency to just keep working! I think the shift in routine threw me for a while too. Took some time to create new habits. Having to get to work is a great way to make sure to get bike time every day!

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