Winter Ramblings

My left knee has been bothering me for the past few months or so. I’m a little worried by it. Any recommendations for a good orthopedist?

Part of me is annoyed that the snow and ice here sometimes makes it difficult to ride without making changes to my bike set-up, and part of me likes to use it as an excuse for doing other things. I like to walk, hike, spin. Maybe to everything there is a season, as they say.

I’ve said this before on another blog, but I’m going to say it here: hilly miles do not equal flat miles. 100 miles is fun and fast on the Seagull Century, not so much on the Civil War Century. By the same token, an 8-mile commute would be fantastic if flat, but my route is not. On paper, it sounds easy. I should not beat myself up so much if I can’t ride this every day. And yet, I do beat myself up, still.

6 thoughts on “Winter Ramblings

  1. Having essential just ridden your commute, I think your commute is not easy. Not only does it have its share of hills, but it also has a lot of stop-and-go along the way. It’s a good commute, but it’s more complicated than 8 miles on the open road. You will master it, I’m sure, but I would definitely give it time.

  2. Thanks, MG. I enjoy the commute when I do it, but right now, doing it every day is taking a toll on me physically. I’ve decided to scale back and ride twice a week for now, and re-evaluate in the spring.

  3. I have a significant hill on my 7 mile commute and it is the defining feature of the commute and heavily influences how and when I commute. Hills change miles for me, too.

    I couldn’t agree more about snow and ice and bike modifications (and not having a bike I don’t mind getting salted daily). It would be nice to have nice studded tires but almost $200 later, I can’t quite justify it

    • Glad to know I’m not alone in my sentiments. I admit I was spoiled last year by a mild winter and a much shorter commute, and was able to bike to work nearly every day. This year has been more of a challenge, but I’m doing the best I can.

  4. I heartily agree about the observation “for everything there is a season.” I do a lot more walking in the winter when it’s too cold, too icy, too dark, whatever. I walk dogs right after my day job, and despite the ludicrously short ride between work, dogs and home, that brief 20 minutes is enough to really affect my fingers and toes (Reynaud’s, sigh). If I could warm up for 20 minutes in between it would be doable, but that isn’t in the cards.

    • This has been an unusually harsh winter, hasn’t it? I’m looking forward to the days when I don’t have to wear as many layers. Hope you’re staying warm, Kirstin!

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