What’s in My Pannier

What's in my pannier.

Inspired by MG’s post, which was inspired by this Lifehacker post, I thought it would be interesting to compare how much I carry on a given commute. This is typical for a multi-modal day, in which I bike and take the Metro. If I were riding to work, I’d also include some change of clothes.

My Arkel Switchback pannier/backpack has three compartments, and I have stuff in all of them.

Front compartment: flash drive, lip gloss (which I haven’t used), lip balm, extra ponytail holder, meds, sunscreen stick, mechanical pencil (leftover from practice– I don’t need this), antibacterial gel, keys, and earplugs (for drum practice), smartphone (not shown in photo because I’m using the camera function to take the photo above)

Middle compartment: wallet, small bag containing front and rear lights, badge for work (not shown in photo)

Large compartment: cardigan (because it is fricking cold at work), plastic container for breakfast (granola), notebook, datebook, book for reading on the Metro (because I rock it old school), u-lock (not shown because it is locked to the bike)

A certain bicyclist (I’m not naming names) had teased me once because I carried so much stuff to work. This doesn’t look like that much to me.

3 thoughts on “What’s in My Pannier

  1. I don’t think it looks like much either. I think the bulk of what I carry is my locks (u-lock plus two cables, one with a lock). This inspires me to clean out my bag and see what I really want to carry to work everyday.

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