Bags I Have Known, Part Two- With Giveaways

Back by popular demand! See Part One here. These are bags I have tried recently, and my reviews of them. I’m giving some of them away. If you would like one of the bags, leave a comment by this Friday, December 5, and let me know which bag you want. Update 12/8/2014: The giveaway has ended- thanks!

Po Campo Pilsen Bungee Bag
Po Campo Pilsen Bungee Bag
What I like: I love how stylish this bag is. The bungees make it easy to put the bag on my bike rack. It does tend to list a little as a ride, but that’s not a deal-breaker. It’s sturdy.
What I don’t like: Normally, I love handbags this size, but it’s just big enough to carry my U-lock, and I can’t fit much else comfortably. I think I’m going to get a slightly larger Po Campo bag.
Status: Giveaway! This bag has been taken.

Banjo Brothers Expanding Rack Top Bag
Lockhouse Ride

In My Rack Bag
What I like: I’ve been using this bag for touring and overnights, along with my Ortlieb panniers (see first photo– the rack bag is on top). It’s a great bag for carrying items for easy access during quick breaks. You can see in the second photo that I put my snacks in the bag. It can expand to carry more, but it’s pretty roomy as is.
What I don’t like: The bag is not waterproof– I need to find a rain cover. It’s a little tricky attaching the bag to the rack, but not too difficult.
Status: Keeping this for a future tour.

Detours Slice Top Tube Bag
tricross 2013
What I like: I like the sleek design. It doesn’t get in the way when I stand up to pedal. Two pockets hold a couple energy bars and cards, and there is a small key ring for keys. The zipper pull to open and close the bag is easy to use with one hand. It secures to my top tube really easily, and stays put.
What I don’t like: It used to fit my phone, but now that I have a larger smartphone, I can’t fit that into my bag.
Status: I’m keeping this, although I haven’t used it recently.

Koki Mogi Max Top Tube Bag
Koki Mogi Max bag.

Koki Mogi Max, verso.
What I like: I bought this so that I could view my smartphone on the bike. It has a nice compartment to fit small things, and the velcro flap can be opened and closed with one hand.
What I don’t like: Attaching it to the bike is a pain– the rubber strap isn’t stretchy enough, and the hook seems shallow (see photo). Moreover, it’s not secure– it’s fallen off more than a couple of times on rides. This may be because I have a flat top tube and thus too wide of a circumference for the strap.
Status: Any takers? Given to a thrift store.

Bontrager City Double Panniers
errandonnee 1

errandonnee 11
What I like: Although not shown in the photos, the interior has a lot of pockets, which I think is great for compartmentalizing stuff. When off the bike, there is both a strap and a handle for carrying.
What I don’t like: I originally bought this in order to evenly distribute the weight on both sides of the bike. It works, but the net volume that both sides can hold is not quite large enough to carry everything I want for a commute (books, lunch, change of clothes). The strap is too long for my short body to carry effectively as a messenger bag. But I do love this bag– I just couldn’t make it work for me.
Status: Giveaway! This bag has been taken.

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