PGRC Women’s Distance Festival 2015

The Women’s Distance Festival, started by the Road Runners Club of America, is “a celebration of the determination and dedication of women runners across the country.” Regional running clubs post women-only races as a part of this event.

I just wanted to run another 5K, and this race happened to be conveniently located for me.

It was around 65F when I groggily woke up on Saturday. An unusual temperature for this area in August. Perfect for running, but a little chilly to stand around in a parking lot before the race began. Members of running clubs huddled together; the lone wolf, I stood around by myself and rubbed my arms trying to stay warm. I was still not quite awake.

The start was a little haphazard, but we corralled on the trail, some announcements were made, and away we went.

The route looped around the lake in sort of a figure eight, and was pretty flat. The sun was out, and there was a slight breeze. Couldn’t ask for a better setting.

The crowd thinned out after a while. I tried to keep an even pace, and fell into step with a couple of women who were going at my speed. One of them kept asking me what our splits were. In my head, a voice kept saying to me, “Run your own race.” This mantra made me relax. I picked it up a little in the last mile, and sprinted towards the finish. I felt pretty good.

According to my Strava stats, I beat my previous 5K by over a minute. That’s more like it. I had thought I had set a new personal record, but I didn’t. However, my splits were more consistent for this race.

I’m not sure when I’ll do another run, but hopefully I’ll get another one in before the end of the year.