Commuter/Randonneuse: 2011 Specialized Tricross Sport
Shimano A530 Pedals
Terry Liberator X seat (2013; not pictured)
TransIt TD-1 rack

Previously owned bikes:

2010 Specialized Dolce Elite
Look Quartz Pedals

2008 Dahon Mariner D7

2012 Raleigh Folding i8

2008 Giant FCR 3w

5 thoughts on “Bicycles

  1. Hi,

    Saw your comment on my blog. So were we in Youth Orchestra together in the mid to late ’80s? I played clarinet, what did you play?

    Congrats on becoming obsessed with bicycles…and writing about it. I look forward to reading more. And good luck making the transition into winter. Layers! I love lobster claw bike mitts (by Pearlizumi). Keep all those exposed parts, including bolt heads and nuts, lubed to prevent corrosion. The Edmonton Bike Club has some good tips. But you have probably found many others!


  2. I am very impressed with your blog and latest post on the Urbana ride. Wow. I’m working up to something like that, but not quite yet. I’ve been eyeing the Dolce Elite and the Ruby (approx. cost $2000). Which would you recommend? I’m riding a Specialized Ariel Elite 2010 model, to get in shape and get back into riding.

    • Hi there! I really do love my Dolce– it’s light, very responsive, and fits me well. I haven’t tried the Ruby, but I’ve heard it’s the next step up from the Dolce in road bikes. I tried a lot of bikes before I settled on this one, and I think that’s the only way to know what bike is best for you. Best of luck in getting back to riding!

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