Mama’s Got a Brand New Bag

I needed a pannier to transport groceries and such– something I could stow in my backpack, which is my short-trip commuting bag of choice, and use to offload heavy items off my back and onto my bike.

Based on the Girl and Her Bike review, I decided to give the Basil Mirte shopping bag a try.

Stylish and sturdy, it fits all the produce from my farmshare comfortably. The bag stays on the bike amidst bumps, does not get in the way of the wheels, and I don’t experience heel strike with it.

I’m really happy with this bag.

8/29: I did experience having the bag get caught in the spokes when I attempted to carry a 30-pound bag of dog food in it. When I moved the bag closer to the front, I then had heel strike. So, there are some limitations. But the bag and the contents made it home in one piece and remained on the bike, so I can’t complain.

New Commuting Clothes

Technical t-shirt, mountain bike shorts, light bike socks, mountain bike shoes with cleats. Going for the more casual look, instead of faux-racer, on my commutes. I tried the ensemble out last week, and it felt super comfortable. It’s a keeper.