Goals for 2015

I like to try more rides that are new to me, just for variety. Here are the ones I’d like to do for next year. Yes, most of them are from last year’s list.

Indian Head Century
Monument to Monument Ride– I should clarify that I would like to do the reverse ride from DC to Baltimore and back. If anyone’s interested in joining me, please let me know.
Climate Ride– for multi-day rides for 2015, I think I’d choose this over RAGBRAI, because it’s for a cause I want to support.
Cyclocross– I’d still really like to watch this sometime.
At least one permanent– although at this point, I want to do a permanent populaire, and preferably one in the 100K range. I have a couple of routes that are close to where I live, and these are the ones I’d like to do. If any of your local randonneurs would like to join me, let me know.

I do have a couple of modest goals for running as well: run at least one 5K, and possibly train for a 10K later on in the year.

Are there any rides you’d like to suggest? Comment below!

Goals for 2014: Fell Short

These are the rides I thought I’d like to do for this year, and what I actually did:

Indian Head Century– did not do (scheduling conflict)
Great Pumpkin RideDone!
Monument to Monument Ride– did not do
Schuylkill Centurydid the 40-mile ride. Someday, I’d like to do either the metric or the full 100 miles.
Climate Ride– did not do (scheduling conflict)
Cyclocross– I didn’t even get to watch a ride that was nearby because I was out of town. (Notice a theme?)
At least one permanent– I didn’t get my act together this year.

Well, so much for that. I think some of these will carry over to 2015.

Possible Rides for 2014

Here are some rides I’d like to do next year. If I don’t get around to them in 2014, I still would like to do them someday.

Indian Head Century
Great Pumpkin Ride
Monument to Monument Ride
Rootchopper! has done these rides, and they sound like fun.

Schuylkill Century/Bike Philadelphia– I’ve been meaning to do at least one of these rides for years, but have been foiled either by bad weather or conflicts in my schedule. Maybe this will be the year I ride in Philly?

Climate Ride– now that I know I can do a multi-day ride, I’d like to tackle this one. The only thing I find daunting is the fundraising.

RAGBRAI Going to try for 2015!

Cyclocross– at least to watch a ride.

At least one permanent— there are a bunch that start near where I live, so I really have to do this.

Are there any rides you’re planning to do next year? Let me know in the comments!

Goals for 2013: Mostly Accomplished

I was surprised to discover that I had successfully completed many of the rides I had wanted to do for 2013.

WABA Vasa Ride– I did the Halvvasan (Half-Vasa).


Hains Point Loops training– well, I can’t really say I trained, but I rode around Hains Point several times throughout the year, and I did participate (a little) in the Hains Point 100.

Spinning– yes! I took 2 spinning classes, and enjoyed them.

Cyclocross– this is the only ride I did not do. Next year!

WABA 50 States Ridedone!

Brevets– didn’t do any full brevets this year, but I did two populaires.

I did a lot of other rides this year as well. Despite having a lot of other things going on that competed for my time, this was a good biking year.

Next up: rides for 2014.

Goals 2013 and Future Rides

I was trying to think of what goals I wanted to accomplish for the coming year. The only goal that would be different from last year would be to try to reach 3000 miles– but that’s kind of arbitrary and I don’t know if I’ll get there just by setting it as a goal. Instead, I think it would be more fun to list the rides I would like to do next year. So, here’s the list of new rides for me:
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