July 2015 Stats

For the month of July, I biked 94.01 miles in 17 days. I also ran 9 times for 19.43 miles.

Finally got my butt in gear to ride to work a couple of times this month. I hope to get more bike miles in to get ready for some upcoming rides in the fall.

I’ve signed up for a 5K in August, which may be a mistake. I’m debating whether I should sign up for a 10K in October. I imagine the weather will be nicer in September than the hot and stickiness that’s prevalent now, which could translate into more motivation to run then, but I may not be ready to add more mileage to my schedule. I’m not sure.

In any case, I’m enjoying the summer while it lasts.

June 2015 Stats

For the month of June, I biked 21.31 miles in 3 days. I also ran 8 times for 22.79 miles, which included the Pride 5K.

Wow– that’s the first time I’ve ever run more than I’ve biked in a given month. I took the month off from work, which meant my commuting miles went out the window, and I didn’t do much riding beyond that.

I’m back to work in July.

May 2015 Stats

For the month of May, I biked 158.19 miles in 16 days. This included the Tour de Cookie, Tour de DCPL, Bike to Work Day, and a week when I didn’t bike. I also ran 11 times for 31.60 miles, which included the Mother’s Day 5K.

I’m taking time off work in June, which means not as many commuting miles. I am running another 5K, however.

April 2015 Stats

For the month of April, I biked 109.23 miles in 21 days. I also ran 10 times for 21.99 miles.

I haven’t been in the mood to ride a lot lately.