DC8 Totems on the MBT

I noticed these on my ride recently. The DC8 Totem Poles that were previously displayed on H Street NE have been moved to the Metropolitan Branch Trail.

The eight totems symbolize the eight wards of DC, and were created by artist Wilfredo Valladares. I think they’re a great addition to the trail. You can see them near the Rhode Island Avenue/Brentwood entrance.

The press release from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities is here.

The Art of Bike

Wheels in the Sky by Howard Connelly Design

I think bikes are beautiful in themselves. A group of artists recycled bike parts and made them into art. You can see this work and others in the Art of Bike project. More about the project here.

The Amazing Alien Egg: A Phenakistoscope by Alison Baker